7 Keys Video Links for Each Chapter

Chapter 1

Look at the awesome beauty of Earth’s Aurora for a quick glimpse of God’s majestic design at https://thejohn1010project.com/heavenly-fire.html

The Auroras (or Northern and Southern Lights) rank among the seven greatest natural wonders in the world.  For millennia, they have captured the imaginations of anyone who has witnessed their ethereal beauty in the polar skies.  HEAVENLY FIRE: The Mystery of the Auroras is an unforgettable exploration of why these incredible light shows occur, and what they reveal about God. Produced by Illustra Media for The John1010 Project.

Begin a discovery of your choices between the truth of Biblical creation and pagan beliefs of evolutionism, at: “Did God Use Evolution – theistic evolution vs the Bible” – https://youtu.be/uTogDQ5vIXg

This video compares Theistic Evolution (the idea that God used evolution for creating life on earth) to the actual claims of the Bible.This two-minute video opens the controversial question, produced by Genesis Apologetics. https://genesisapologetics.com/

Chapter 2

So, logic actually leads us to believe in the complete necessity of miracles that are only accomplished by a reasonable ‘Cause.’ See Kyle Butt show 6 powerful evidences proving God exists: https://video.wvbs.org/video/6-proofs-for-gods-existence/

Chapter 3

See inspiring short videos of miraculous creatures like the humming bird (#14) at: http://www.godofwondersvideo.org/chapter14.htm

Click on the link above to see the selection described and access the menu to all the other inspiring videos on this site.

Chapter 4

Don’t the laws of science conflict with evolution? See a short video by Bruce Malone about entropy.

Produced by Search for the Truth Ministries at https://youtu.be/w_7_VAqecrM

Chapter 5

v5.1 Every cell contains many different proteins.  Most proteins are made of hundreds of amino acid molecules, each one placed precisely in the exact jigsaw puzzle position required to make it work.  Every amino acid must have at least one activating enzyme.  An enzyme is a catalyst to make a chemical reaction happen.  What does it take to do all of this?  It’s an intricate design.

v5.2 See how honest scientists vividly illustrate with computer graphics some of the incredibly complex machines that must function in even the simplest living cells right from the start in “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” (Illustra Media).

From Search for the Truth Ministries at https://youtu.be/x9iO8W-eLl0

Chapter 6

Tech minded life science students will appreciate Chris Ashcraft’s descriptions and video images of many microscopic miracles of life clearly showing God’s awesome design:

From Northwest Creation Network at https://youtu.be/t9zr3Gn7MRY

Chapter 7

See a short, richly illustrated, discussion on natural selection with two students to dig deeper into this complex topic:

This twelve-minute video sorts through Darwinian core ideas, produced by Genesis Apologetics. https://genesisapologetics.com/

See 16 minutes of consistent fossil evidences that support the year-long Deluge described in Genesis 6-9. Sedimentary geology is filled with fossils denying the mythical evolutionistic “millions of years.” 

produced by Genesis Apologetics at https://youtu.be/qHRYnm_J4ts

A brilliant look at the cosmos with even secular astronomers brings us to the reality of God.

GOD AND THE ASTRONOMER  In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble confirmed that the universe was expanding. This discovery strongly implied that the cosmos had a beginning in the finite past.  Robert Jastrow, founding director of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute, reflects on how contemporary evidence—when objectively viewed—points to the existence of a supernatural Creator.

See https://thejohn1010project.com/god-and-the-astronomer.html

See a key short video on the accuracy of the Bible


The Bible is not just true. It is the Truth. Voddie Baucham clearly defines why that is historically so

Chapter 8

Are you open to check it out? If you first need proofs for the reliability of the Bible see this short video .

From Genesis Apologetics at https://youtu.be/qAH_-Du2428

The Bible calls it the gift of ‘repentance’ (Acts 11:18) for non-Jewish people (called Gentiles) as well as the Jewish descendants of Abraham.  See a classic message by Derik Prince

We know from where we came and we can also know where we are going. See Don Blackwell explain the journey of the soul, tracing it from the point of conception into eternity. See

Appendix 2

See a great short video on the authenticity of the Torah

from GenesisApologetics.com

 Did God create the “Heavens, Earth, Sea, and everything in them” in just six days as God Himself said in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:11)?

From GenesisApologetics.com

There’s always two churches in every age. Which church are you in?  Watch a short exhortation that inspires you to take action at:

From BraveheartedChristian.com

Appendix 3

Paul affirmed the origin of death through one man in Romans 5:12.  See a short video about the six days of creation

From GenesisApologetics.com

See a clear detailed lesson on Young Earth-Young Universe by Astronomer Spike Psarris

from https://youtu.be/OYpkbCgSNtU .

See how the catastrophic upheaval of the earth at the Flood explains Earth’s rock layer systems.

From https://youtu.be/zd5-dHxOQhg

Writing in every ancient culture appears between 4 and 5 thousand years ago. That was the same time as Noah’s Flood. See how this supports the Genesis record of Earth being created just thousands of years ago.

From GenesisApologetics.com: https://youtu.be/6okZJlw84lo

Our Solar System cannot be billions of years old. The Moon is receding. If it started billions of years ago it would have prevented normal tide fluctuations necessary for the cycles of living things on earth. See Astronomer Spike Psarris’ talk. Begin at the 43:10 mark.

From Northwest Creation Network at https://youtu.be/s9_o7NGTkJc

See evidence of dinosaurs from historic and scientific reality.

From GenesisApologetics.com

Radiometric dating debunked in 3 minutes.

From GenesisApologetics.com

See a detailed lesson on Young Earth and Universe by Astronomer Spike Psarris

From Northwest Creation Network

See a fatherly dialog with a student on how to think Biblically about creation days in Genesis:

From GenesisApologetics.com