Host a presentation

my invitation to you...

Dennis Petersen, at the Creation Resource Foundation,
Invites you to share the
awesomeness of God by hosting the nationally acclaimed
Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation seminar… because…

“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”


A word from Dennis Petersen

Director of the Creation Resource Foundation

“There is no truth more foundational to all science and faith than the reality that God is the Creator of the universe!

“There is no deception more profoundly affecting our generation than the humanistic fairy tale of evolution!

“In a society ruled by secularized thinking, the implications of the Creation/Evolution controversy make it the baseline issue under all other major issues!

“If Christians are not prepared to give sound reasons why they believe God created, they endanger their young with inevitable slavery to the deception of evolutionistic humanism!

“What a revelation it was for me to realize so much of my secularized education was wrong! Not until Jesus captured my life did I realize just how blinded I was to the creation as the Creator intended it to be appreciated. Through years of study and gathering graphic information from around the world, the Lord has allowed me to share the impact of letting His Word unlock the mysteries of Creation.

I invite you to help us let others in on some of the best kept secrets of our age. Though many are ruthlessly deceived, the promise of God is ‘through knowledge the righteous shall be delivered.'” (Proverbs 11:9)

The very foundations of Biblical faith are being deliberately undermined,
and it is happening in the guise of what appears to be science!  That’s why it is so timely that we teach parents especially to prepare themselves to be that ‘generation’ that will declare the awesome works of God to the next generation (Psalm 145:4)… and to do it in ways that will indelibly equip them to ‘put their confidence in God… and keep His commandments’ (Psalm 78:7-8).

Please feel free to call me personally and talk over with me the possibilities of how I might serve your community in the most effective way possible.  I’m confident that the families whom God has favored you to bless by your influence will be memorably enriched by the content and the passion of God’s investment in my life.  If we decide to work together as a team to prepare an event in the future, I want you to know that I will prayerfully commit to customize what I share for the best possible impact on the lives of all who attend.