7 Keys to Discovering Genesis is True

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This New Book is designed for Parents and Mentors to help an inquisitive student discover personally how to logically see how the truth of Biblical Creation makes complete sense.

Do you want a simple guide book to clarify Genesis creation and glorify Jesus Christ? This book lays out a simple road map for your journey of discovery. This logical series of clear and concise discussions will help you walk through a conversation with a loved one or any open-minded friend who has been misled by evolutionist confusion.  Throughout the book you will find memorable quotes and humorous nuggets that will bring a smile to your face and a-ha moments to your heart.

Here is a step-by-step strategy to ask great questions leading to solid Biblical answers. You know people, confused about creation in Genesis and a logical understanding of the origin of everything.  Now, you have not only facts of science but also a delightful way to help others grasp God’s Truth on the topic.

The introduction gives an amazing fact about the Bible.  In “Why Should You Read This Book?” the author affirms that God invites us to challenge His Word by asking questions. 

Dennis Petersen lays out a simple guide to clarify Genesis creation and glorify Jesus Christ.  Even young students can easily follow this logical series of clear and concise discussions to walk loved ones through a conversation about how they have been misled by evolutionist confusion.  

Ben Russell, author – CreationTales.com
Each chapter begins with a question that leads to a clear conclusion. 
  • What does the word of God do in men’s hearts? 
  • Can you believe that logic actually does more than just support the truth of creation? 
  • What do you suppose is the most fundamental purpose for nature? 
  • What does the Cosmos really show us is happening all the time? 
  • Can random chance really produce increasing complexity of living creatures? 
  • Can people truly evolve from pond scum? 
  • Do simple forms really evolve into complex forms of life over time? 
  • Are you ready to discover the knowledge of God? 

Three appendices are full of facts.  “20 Secrets Most College Professors Don’t Know About When It All Began” is alone worth buying the book. Referring to those who are in “bondage to sin and destructive lifestyles,”…“Why do they lack knowledge?…What should we expect when we allow our children to be taught about the wonders of God’s creation (biology, geology, astronomy, etc) by those who scorn the Bible and blaspheme God.”

Karl Priest – Insectman.us

This book provides the right questions and answers, from both the Bible and real science, that parents and mentors — empowered by the Holy Spirit — can use to remove the blinders of “science falsely so called” …from children … while introducing them to everlasting Life in our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Dr. Gary Parker (veteran creation science speaker/author for ICR and AiG)

In Seven Keys to Discovering Genesis is True, Dennis Petersen has laid out a clear road map for any student to understand the works of God in Creation and the Word of God in Scripture.

Dr. Peter Hammond – Director, Frontline Ministries, South Africa

What I like about this book is the way it challenges readers to think and weigh up the evidence for themselves.

Geoff Chapman – Founder, Creation Resources Trust, Somerset, England