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For a Limited Time – the remarkable art print, by…

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Fewer than 100 collector’s prints remain available from the only printing in 1986.

For this special opportunity this year,

the last handful of archived copies of one of his first five lithographic collector art prints, and the first to become a book cover, is being made available to our ministry partners.

The awesome fine arts spectacle titled…

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Personally signed by the late artist, Thomas Kinkade,

Has a unique story behind it.

Thomas Kinkade and his wife became close personal friends of ours when both of us were just beginning to expand our public platforms… his in the world of art… and mine in the creation seminar ministry.

Before I ever published my book, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation,” and when I was just beginning to travel nation-wide with the multi-media seminar that the Lord had led me to create in 1984, I asked Thomas to paint this painting to be used on a color brochure to help promote our seminars to churches.  Soon after the first edition of my book was printed in 1986, I asked him if we could design the full color wrap-around jacket of my book using his painting as the main visual theme. It became the cover art of the book for over 20 printings on 200,000 copies over the next 16 years.  Thomas produced 3,000 copies of the painting as a high-quality unnumbered art-print and signed about 200 of them. Most of them were sold in the next several years to help sponsor our seminar ministry.

Thomas Kinkade eventually moved away from the small mountain town where he grew up in the gold rush country of California, but we kept in touch. One of his daughters actually was a flower girl in one of our daughters’ wedding.

Several years before he died, I asked him to sign the few copies of the print that we had remaining in storage.  We sold a few of them to ministry supporters, matted in very nice professional art frames.

A Very Limited Rare Opportunity

Now we are making a few of the last copies of the print available to supportive friends of the Creation Resource Foundation ministry.  I realize they can be auctioned off on eBay, but we decided to first offer some of them as a thank-you gift for those friends who would like to make a special one-time donation to this ministry for $320 (postage paid). You can have your print matted and framed to your own specs when you receive it, or we can have a custom framer put together a presentation as you wish and shipped directly to you for $250-300 extra. Talk with me privately about that.

Please contact us by email (dennis@awesomeworks.com) to arrange a phone call so we can serve you in whatever way you would like.

Here’s some background on the artwork.

Seldom seen for sale in any commercial art galleries, this stunning primeval scene was created by Thomas Kinkade for his hometown friend, Dennis Petersen, the author of the book, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation” in 1986.

The background of this print is reminiscent of a work by 19th Century artist, Albert Bierstadt – Rocky Mountain Lander’s Peak at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  The foreground and other elements remind us of the gigantic mural painting at the Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento, California, by the great American 19th Century artist Thomas Cole – Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point.

Kinkade often painted secret ‘hidden’ symbols in his paintings.  Unlike almost all of his nostalgic paintings, this one was created to reflect pristine creation with no evidence of human creation except for one tiny reminder of the creator’s ultimate gift to mankind.  Look closely to see if you can find it near the center of the painting.

On eBay a rare framed copy of this print was offered recently for $2500.

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